Unsere Foodonomic® Philosophie


Centuries-old wisdom and experience about spices, herbs, vegetables and plants to spice up, preserve and make food healthy get new meaning for meat products, vegetarian and vegan products.

Chemical food additives, industrial production processes alleviated starving of humanity and offers food products for affordable prices. We can feed the world, down to 10% of humanity who still live in extreme poverty.
But there are new challenges. Raw material security, food safety and convenience requirements as well as health aspects pose a challenge for the entire food chain.

Our Foodonomic® Concept is building on centuries-old wisdom and 30 years of experience, reduces the amount of spices, seasonings, optimizes shelf-life and ensures food hygiene of meat products, vegetarian and vegan food products.


Food Concepts

Our Foodonomic® Concept takes you beyond spicy food engineering. Together with our customers we create and implement positioning and marketing strategies to reduce the flop-risk and greatly increase the success of new or differentiated meat products, vegetarian and vegan food products. Consumers are buying a differentiating “concept”, not a mee too idea. A product has to taste good anyway.

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