Ingresol Food Labs


Our food labs are integrated for engineering and testing developments for meat-products, vegetarian and vegan products from an idea to the customers point of consumption. Unique, proprietary taste and hygiene are top priority.

Engineering Lab

Our Foodonomic® Product Engineering Lab in Austria develops and engineers products, recipes, application technologies and prototypes. Our partnership with leading gourmet chefs do „beef up“ the results to an even higher level.

Food Sensorics & Safety Lab

Quality and taste of spice-blends are tested according to highest standards. Our labs in Europe are testing developments and application technology of end products.

Blending & Sourcing LAB for Foodonomic® Flavor Engineering

A safe product, offering advanced sensorics with less spices, faces new challenges from availability of spices and raw materials. Our Foodonomic® Flavor Concept for food industry, retail and blenders is unique worldwide. With our Foodonomic® Flavor recipes, we reduce the proportion of seasonings in the product up to 90%.

May we share our Foodoomic® Expertise in spice-recipes, shelf-life, hygiene and food concepts with you? Set your appointment now!