From Clear Label to CLEAN Label

More product transparency INGRESOL

The development from “Clear Label” to “Clean Label” is among the most important trends in the food industry. INGRESOL supports you on your way to maximum product transparency, offering you a valuable sales argument for your products.

Spices and spice blends as well as functional blends

Spices and additives with traceable quality and origin have been our passion for more than 25 years. Clean Label is the corollary of a multi-decade company philosophy. It always has been and still is our goal to supply you with products such as raw spices and custom-made spice blends with or without function. All of that in the best quality and freshness as well as specifically sterilised to your desired level or ground to individual granularization sizes.

Additives and auxiliaries

Due to our experience and professional qualification we can delivery any sort of functional compound to you and develop custom-made variations according to your wishes and requirements. Our motto applies here as well: As much as is necessary, as little as possible. Whether it’s anti-staling agents for storage life, emulsifiers for water or fat retention, or proteins and fibres, we offer you your own custom-made solution. This also applies for the areas of transglutaminase, carrageenan and antioxidants.

Colour stabilisation

INGRESOL also deals with colour stabilisation. No matter whether it’s fruit- & vegetable-based or whether your product colouring has to be thermally stable.


In addition, we are your partner for marinades, convenience products, hamburgers or nuggets and offer you sauces based on natural stock or meat aromas.

Innovative nets by TruNet 

This industrial and very specific net was developed through our innovation processes and guarantees a consistent calibre even lengthwise for slicer goods. A new outfit for your standard goods can be tailored with ease.

Fruit purées & smoked goods

High-quality fruit purées, liquid or pasty, and smoked goods, e.g. salt and naturally smoked spices, are also part of our range

We gladly offer you advice on spices, additives and auxiliaries, and their Clean Label identification on your labels. Set a non-binding appointment now!