Mix-in-innovation for butcher shop spices

Mix-in and find out

“What exactly is in my spice blends?”
“Where do the ingredients come from?”
“Does my competition maybe even use the same?”
The innovative Mix-in concept for butcher shop spices by INGRESOL is the answer to all these questions.

INGRESOL analyses and checks your “magic pack” with highly modern laboratory techniques. We develop a new, individual recipe together with you keeping the spices and additives a strict secret with the motto “Build your own sausage.” You can’t just decide the origin of the ingredients of your butcher shop spices, but also whether they are free of GMOs or E numbers. As such, your sausage exactly complies with your notion in terms of ingredients, origin and quality while getting an absolute unique taste thanks to individual sausage spices.

In addition to these advantages, you also benefit from cost savings of 30 to 50 percent and the reliable non-disclosure of the recipe of your butcher shop spices.

The MIX IN concept

Planning meeting

Provision of raw materials
/ buying platform

Tasting / Test production
Approval by you

Comprehensive training
of your employees

Series production using the
recipe and specification

Planning and implementation
of hardware if required

Continual supervision
until a jointly defined time

The quickest possible solution
in case of problems – HOTLINE

MIX IN is a brand new concept of cost saving and recipe secrecy with a unique selling point!

What it means for you:

  • MOTTO: from source to you
  • INGRESOL develops your own mixture with you
  • Transparency (= recipe disclosure)
  • Keep the mixtures of spices and additives secret
  • 30–50 % cost saving
  • INGRESOL trains your employees
  • Continual active supervision in the first 12 months

Training and support for steam degermination spices

INGRESOL gladly takes care of the professional training of your employees and, if requested, offers continuous support over the first twelve months. The INGRESOL hotline is available for competent and prompt problem solving.

Would you like to know what’s in your butcher shop spice blend? Set a non-binding consultation appointment now!