Custom-made cream cheese production by INGRESOL

We also make cheese

INGRESOL has also been your reliable partner in the cheese and dairy industry for around 15 years. As the germ levels of raw materials are the most important matter in the field of cream cheese production, we specialised in this very market niche. As such, INGRESOL offers you the germ level of choice as well as specifically selected qualities as per your request. From herbs like parsley, chive or dills to dried mushrooms – INGRESOL creates your individual cream cheese spice package with the requested germ content.

We conquer all obstacles and discover completely new possibilities for you in terms of innovation and product development in the fields of cheese production and cream cheese production. Furthermore, we gladly share our experiences and knowledge in terms of dip-coating material, emulsifiers and stabilising agents.

Do not hesitate to consult with us and set a non-binding consultancy appointment all about individual cream cheese production now!