Build your sausage!

Imagine, YOU decide:

  • Whether pepper oil / oleoresin / essential oil and/or whiteor black pepper is used
  • The origin of your ingredients
  • ORGANIC or conventional
  • Germ content (Steam sterilisation, desired germ content)
  • Without salt or reduced salt, sugars as carriers, etc.
  • Regulation

A success story...

"A client called us after his best-selling sausage had lost more and more of its market share. The goal was to optimise the product economically as well as in terms of price, taste and market. Together we revised the recipe and the process technology. Furthermore, we modified the product with our Mix-in concept in terms of regionality allowing the client to advertise regional provenance of all additives and spaces. As a result, the sausage regained its top market share today!"